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Kingdom Nail Care provides at-home manicures and pedicures on demand. We bring

the soothing salon to you to pamper your hands and feet.

All nail appointments are booked as manicure and pedicure combos.

Add-ons are available for each appointment.


Polish Mani/Pedi

Includes a Polish Manicure and Polish Pedicure. Our Polish nail treatment is a soothing experience which includes nail clipping, nail shaping, cuticle care, and moisturizing hand and foot massage. Choose your favorite polish to finish.

Price: $125, 60 minutes.



Gel Manicure Add-on

A gel manicure can last two weeks+ longer than traditional nail polish. After polish is applied, U/V lamps are used to seal the polish to the nail, a process known as “curing.” Our gel leaves nails in good condition even after removal.

Price: +$15, +15 minutes.


French Mani/Pedi Add-on

Add a beautiful French style to your Mani/Pedi.

Price: +$15, +15 minutes.


Kids Mani/Pedi Add-on

As you get your nail service, treat the kid in your life (5-12 yr). Includes nail shaping & polish for both feet & hands. Moisturizing lotion. No metal tools used. Note: this requires adult nail booking at same time.

Price: $45, +30 minutes.

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